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In which school should I enrol my children to learn to play golf?

The moment of doubts, of uncertainty comes, when our children begin to tell us that they want to play golf. Currently, there are various academies throughout Spain to which we can point our children to start with our favourite sport. All parents always think about which one will be the best, to decide for it. It is important that before making a decision, you take care of collecting all kinds of information about that academy to find out what levels it has and what alumni think of it. That is why today we want to leave you a little calmer, and we want to teach you what you have to look at in order to know which school to point your children to start in golf.

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Tips for choosing the best golf academy

There are many aspects that you have to look at to be able to choose between one and the other. Among them, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Look first of all at the conditions of the course where your child is going to play. And whether they are cared for or not, this is very important, if you are a golf player you will know it. If you are not, we advise you to take a walk around the entire course before deciding.
  2. Make sure they have a certified teacher for all levels. It is not the same that your child enters from a beginner to if he already has a level. The point is to advance and level up to advance in the game.
  3. Ask professionals you know or former students to see what their experiences were like within that academy. This will help you a lot to know if it is good and if the children really end up learning to play.
  4. Look at the number of classes they give and their price. The academies are usually for a similar price scale since they cannot be separated much economically from those around them. That is why it is good that you ask how they work and how the course that your child is going to enrol in works.
  5. We recommend that you ask if your child can go to a test class to live in his own skin as it would be to enrol in a course at that academy. This also gives the academy a lot of points since not all of them let you try and discover their teaching tactics.

With these 5 tips, you can know if an academy is good or not the right one to teach your children. You already know what you have to look for so that your decision is the correct one and you will not regret it in the following months.