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How to start your child to golf

When parents love a sport, we always want to transmit that taste to our children. On occasions, with more or less success, we get our little ones to follow an example and try to play the same game as us. It's a good way to spend time together and to get to know each other and compete in a healthy way. The most common sports are practiced at school and in the park with other classmates, but ... Are you one of those who love golf and do not know how to make your child play? You have reached the correct article since we are going to teach you how to start your son to golf and not die trying.

Perhaps it is one of the sports that the little ones in the house are least curious about because they don't know much about it. If you play this sport often then it will be easier for you to involve your child and make his curiosity pique. We are going to explain to you how you can initiate your child if you see that he points out ways and is telling you day after day if he can go to the course with you to play.


Children and golf

It is a sport that at first glance may not attract the full attention. This may be because it is more unknown or because it is simply overlooked when it comes to researching more about it. If your child wants to start playing, but you don't know where to start, take note of the following tips and get to it as soon as possible:

  1. The first thing you have to do is give him a quick class or an introduction on how to play golf and what are the qualities that you have to have to be one of the best.

  2. Then go on to tell him what it is and what he needs to focus his attention on in order for his game to be a winner.

  3. Find the best clubs that suit him so that he begins to practice his swing and hit the ball. Let him first do and undo as he wants, then give him the advice you want. But yes, we always recommend that you let him practice and learn so that he can develop on his own.

  4. Take a walk around the course to see what it is like and the pros and cons of playing golf. It is good that you know everything first-hand and know how to connect with sport. You will surely like discovering holes and the journey you have to do to get there.

Of course, do not harass him much if it is his first day. If you do this you will overwhelm him and he will not want to return to the course to practice with you. It is a sport that he has to discover little by little, since he takes much more concentration than other types of sport and he needs patience and perseverance to achieve the best swing of all time.