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Mistakes you can avoid to improve your swing

If you have been playing golf for a long time and you feel that you are making certain mistakes that do not allow you to improve your swing, it is best to be able to quickly identify them to improve in the shortest possible time. And it is that sometimes it only takes a little time to solve something that a world seen from the outside can do to you. At the end of the day, there are professionals who even get to drag this type of failure no matter how long they have been playing.

How to improve your golf swing

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is not difficult to improve your swing. It just takes patience and a lot of practice. And, perhaps, a good partner or professional to help you in the process with advice or instructions to avoid making the same mistakes that separate you from getting a good swing.

To begin with, we must have a good set of clubs in our possession. This is important, because a bad set leads to failure on the course. When hitting, you must place the club at the perfect angle so that, when you hit the ball, it reaches the hole or advances in its direction as much as possible. But if you use a club that is not flexible enough, you risk the ball going to the right or to the left without you being able to control it. So, investing in some good clubs, even if they are bought second hand, can help you over time.

When you go to hit, it is important that the shoulders are in a more relaxed position and at the same level. That way, when you hit the first shot, the right shoulder will meet the chin and the ball will advance steadily. If the shoulders are out of alignment, a mistake many golfers make, along with keeping their feet apart, they are likely to always fail.

When you have controlled these exercises, it is important that you integrate the last step to improve your swing. The hips should rotate at the same time as the club, and in the same direction. How do you get that? At the beginning, with the help of a partner or professional who is next to you and can indicate how you should position your feet in relation to the hole. One of the most common mistakes among beginners is, precisely, having a good turn of the shoulders but not of the hips. And that can lead to irregular hitting.

If you want to improve, you can exercise at home with a smaller club. That way you can get into the habit of positioning your body correctly when making a good shot to hit the ball.