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The great golf tournaments will be played from September

The world landscape has changed so radically that traditions in sports are beginning to be affected. The season and the calendar will no longer be the same and, in the following years, the different results will be discussed in this 2020 pandemic year.

The configuration of professional golf tournaments creates challenges from all points of view. The logistics, preparation of the competitors and, of course, the presence or not of the public in the stands.

The PGA Tour announced a restructured schedule with a 50-tournament season that began in September 2020 and ends twelve months later - that is, two calendar years in a calendar-year. What do you mean? Many changes in order to honor the commitments of the organizers and offer dates to the players.

That is why the US Open was played, for example, at the Wingned Foot Golf Club, in Mamaroneck (New York), from September 17 to 20, and the winner was Bryson DeChambeau


Europe and USA tour

In August, the European Tour competitions began in Austria. Then it was in the United Kingdom and in September it visited Spain and Portugal, in which two important events stood out: the Estrella Dam of Andalusia and the Portugal Masters.

The PGA Tour Championship, however, was the great tournament of the first week of September, because it pitted the Spanish leader Jon Rahm against the North American colossus Dustin Johnson, the two best golfers of the moment and 1-2 in the world ranking.

The Augusta Master, which should have been played in April, will take place in the famous course of Georgia (USA) between November 9 and 15, let's say that preparing what will be the end of 2020 and the continuation of the season in the following months.


Sanitary measures and TV

The first action that all clubs and courses have recommended is to avoid the presence of the public in the competition. This will be an element already highly appreciated by the health authorities and also valued by the same players who have expressed how strange it will be to be on the green without hearing, feeling and appreciating the presence of the fans.

Another novelty that this season brings will be the agreements that are being discussed with television companies and sports broadcasts to bring the broadcast of the tournaments to this amount of sports fans, which will be announced on the social media and the web pages of each competition.