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This is the distance you get with each golf club

Since 1938, the golfer has only been allowed to carry 14 golf clubs, a limitation that makes it essential to know the average distance that can be achieved with each one.

On the other hand, each player can choose the clubs they want, as long as the limit of 14 is maintained, there is freedom for the golfer, however, most commonly, the set consists of 3 woods, 9 irons, Wedge and a putter.


What is distance in golf?

The distance is the meters that you manage to move the ball with each shot, depending on the meters that separate the hole you will need a club or another, to get the necessary distance. In addition to the club, there are other factors that determine the distance that is recorded with each blow.


What determines your distance in golf?

Perhaps reading the title you think that your golf distance is specifically governed by the club you choose, which is not true. The golf club is one of the most important elements to achieve the desired distance, but there are also other conditions that can vary.

To better understand this point, let's imagine that two golfers play with the same golf club and each one achieves different distances (without what exorbitant ones). Why is this?


Factors that determine the distance in golf beyond the club

  • altitude
  • Latitude
  • Atmospheric temperature
  • The chosen ball and its position
  • Climate: Wind, humidity, temperature ...
  • Physical characteristics: height, muscle mass, weight ...
  • Each golfer's playing style
  • Experience of each player.


Although all these conditions can make your golf distance vary, you must know the average distance that each golf club reaches if you want to prepare your set wisely to play in your golf course in Majorca, since the chosen club is one of the most determining factors:


This is the average distance you get with each golf club

Remember: We are talking about average distances for amateur players, as we have just seen the route varies depending on different factors.

Average distance in woods

  • Driver: 210m.
  • Wood 3: 180m.
  • Wood 5: 160m.

Average distance in hybrids

  • Hybrid 3: 170m.
  • Hybrid 5: 150m.
  • Hybrid 7: 130m.

Average distance in irons

  • Iron 3: 160m.
  • Iron 4: 150m.
  • Iron 5: 140m.
  • Iron 6: 130m.
  • Iron 7: 120m.
  • Iron 8: 110m.
  • Iron 9: 100m.


Average distance in Wedges

  • Pitching: 90m.
  • Sand: 70m.
  • Lob: 60m.

Putter Average Distance

  • Putter: 10m.


Once you know the average distance that each golf club travels, it will be easier for you to choose the clubs to include in your bag, we have said a few lines above that the distance varies depending on certain conditions, if you want to know exactly what your distance is average with each one you can make use of a golf laser (Better if you use them in amateur games and not in tournaments, since here there are restrictions) this way you know better how you work with each club and you can choose the best ones based on your unique features.