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Find out how the internet of things is applied on the golf course

Golf likes everything, but if there's one thing we especially highlight, it's how advances in everyday life can get into this sport.

We've already talked about laser meters to play golf and online classes to improve our swing. But things don’t stop here, as new technologies advance the world of golf also, the last thing is the internet of things on the green.

Want to know how it works? Then I won't be the one to keep you waiting:


What is the Internet of Things?

To better understand how the internet of things is applied on the golf course we must first understand what this concept is:

The Internet of Things, abbreviated as IoT, is a system for our everyday appliances such as TV, fridge or washing machine to connect to the internet.

What is the application of IoT in everyday life?

Applied to the world of appliances its functions are several, for example the TV can warn you that the washing machine is already finished while watching your favourite program.

What about the golf course? How does the Internet of Things apply?

Internet of Things Applied to the Golf Course

  • Balls connected to your mobile phone: Although not a common thing to see on the golf course, there are balls with internal sensors that measure parameters as important as strength or distance. These balls connect directly to your mobile phone to show these parameters so you can correct or enhance what is necessary.
  • Sensors to place on the golf club: These sensors that can already be purchased are placed directly on the golf club, and just as they did with the balls are able to measure the different parameters of your swing to give you a better idea of your technique and perfect what you need.
  • Simulator at home: which calculates the same parameters as a radar, but without leaving your home. This device is perfect for those who are taking classes and want to continue practicing when they get home, or for those who don't have time to go all they would like on the course but still want to improve their game.


Coach Labs, pioneers in introducing the Internet of Things on the golf course

The company Coach Lab was a pioneer in introducing these new technologies to the golf course, most came to light thanks to Crowdfunding projects, where anonymous donors were able to finance these futuristic ideas.

For our part we can only feel excitement in discovering how new technologies transform the world of golf in Majorca and expectantly wait for the next invention that will blow our minds.