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Should you stay in hotels with golf courses? Picking the best option.

There are plenty of things to do in our breaks from work: some people take the chance to order their house, go out with friends and sleep longer in order to rest and feel replenished. Sometimes, however, the greatest option is traveling, since it is an opportunity to meet new places and enjoy different activities. And for others, the perfect vacations are not in a snowy mountain, but in golf courses in Majorca.

Islands are one of the favorites destinations for every tourist. It does not matter if we are going to tan, swim in the sea (or perhaps a pool if we do not want to remove salt from our swimsuit) or watch amazing sunsets, we can find ourselves satisfied in the beach.

But these are not the only options, and everyone can be satisfied. Some are more interested in shopping or meeting the touristic infrastructure and local culture, while others are mainly focused in sports. We can be novices or experts, but it is irrelevant: having the chance to play in a different ambient will be a wonderful experience.

Why has this game become popular?

It is obvious why people end up deciding to travel to places like the Balearic Islands in Spain, but the reason why someone would practice golf is, usually, not so evident. It is undeniable, though, that the amount of players has increased in these last years, and it will keep doing it.

There are several health benefits worth the mention. Burn of calories and improvement of the cardiovascular system are just two of them, and the fact that anyone can do it makes it a great choice for both the young and the old who lead a sedentary life.

This last point relates with its importance in the corporative world. Many businessmen stay in a chair daily, so talking about business during a swinging and walking session is a great chance to socialize and close deals while worrying for our body.

Combining two worlds

Traveling is an opportunity to get rid of stress and meet different people, so one of the best places to do so is while we are in the course. The combined effects of the sport and the lack of a routine will allow us to clear our mind and be fresher afterwards.

If we are planning in playing one or two days and visit the island during the rest of the week, we can consider going to Club of Golf Alcanada instead of staying in a specialized hotel. We can play 9 or 18 holes depending on our preference, eat delicious snacks in The Lighthouse Bar and spectacular foods in the restaurant, and practice in their academy to improve our abilities.

So if you are already planning your next break and you are going to visit this wonderful Spanish island, make sure to leave a space for this sport.