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Alcanada releases its online shop

We are proud to officially announce the opening of the new Alcanada online shop. Many customers from different parts of the world have asked us for gifts and souvenirs to recall their experience in this golf course in Majorca.

Thanks to our agreement with ASM we can distribute to the whole European continent including the United Kingdom.

Our shop offers a wide range of merchandising, from bibs for babies to books about the fauna and flora in the area. These books have been designed to provide our players a deeper experience of the course.

You can also take with you the bear of Alcanada, our star player in the club, a small stuffed animal dressed with a jumper with the Alcanada logo. The perfect gift for your children or grandchildren, they will love it!

Finally we have designed thermal glasses so you do not lose the cold of your soft drink, towels for buggies, and of course, items prepared to play your round, such as long tees and golf balls.

We hope you like everything we have prepared and we invite you to visit our online shop regularly as we will add more new items to the online shop, you just have to click here.