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Best time of year to play golf in Majorca

Are you a professional player eager to find new and exciting challenges or looking for the right destination during the whole year? Or on the contrary, are you an amateur desiring to refine your techniques without stopping several weeks because of the weather? In any case, the answer to your necessities is golf in Majorca.

Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, constitute The Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea to the southern of Spain. The first is the largest one and the autonomous community capital, Palma is there. Together they are an ideal vacation target for Europeans, specially German, British and French tourists. It is also one of the favorite destinations for golfers with twenty fascinating courses to select from.

When is it a good idea to practice golf in Majorca?

At the beginning you will not believe it, however the response to that question is: always! Yes, it is a perfect venue to visit from January to December. The mainly reason is that the Mediterranean climate is moderated. Summers are not extremely hot and winters are mild.

Almost everywhere in Europe the cold season entrance means a pause in the outside activities, including this one due to harsh meteorological conditions. Nonetheless it is different here where the average temperature ranges around 18 oC and the expected rainfall rate is low.

Advantages of coming in winter

This is a privileged setting full of natural wonders at any time but in this season it is possible for you to appreciate the island from a distinct point of view. For instance, you could interact closer to the local culture. There are popular and interesting festivals with curious names like the dimonis, the correfocs and so on, to put you in contact with ancestral traditions.

Another benefit consists in taking advantage of the season to develop your abilities. This is the moment with less people playing which allows you to practice at your own rhythm. You can contract an experienced instructor to give you private classes too. The installations continue to be first class but now they can be more exclusive and at lower prices.

You can play golf but you and/or your family could be inclined to do diverse outdoor activities as well. This is a good opportunity to get to know everything the island has for you. An advice, even the sun rays are weaker than usual, protect yourself with adequate sunscreen lotion and sunglasses. Be aware of suffering avoidable skin damages.

Majorca is the nirvana for golfers. Delighting with winter and enjoying summer while practicing your preferred sport is now feasible. Come to Alcanada Golf Club the all year round and satisfy yourself with the course challenges and facilities they offer for your pleasure.