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Majorca golf holiday: a mandatory destination for connoisseurs

When it comes to go on a trip looking for options to get to know new places, but at the same time have the comfort of being able to carry out your favorite pastimes the islands of the Balearic Archipelago arise easily to mind. Because the whole tourist infrastructures and opportunities to enjoy the pleasure of practicing golf in Majorca makes it a unique and beautiful region.

The place

And thanks to its excellent services developed around the tourism sector, the traveler in addition to feeling well looked after will not hesitate to return reliving the moment whenever he has a chance. And he will recommend it to his friends.

This group of islands, with its particular charm given by its countless years of history, has been gaining increasingly popularity as tourist destinations. It is true in Spain, throughout Europe and also they receive recognition from the rest of the continents, for their outstanding facilities in every corner, plus a superior gastronomy, culture, beaches, hotels and nightlife.

Therefore, if you are a golfer and your endpoint is Majorca, for instance, you must seriously consider including all the required implements in your luggage to continue performing it and simultaneously developing your skills, while covering the new fields and sharing with fans from across the country or the planet.

The event

Although many of us associate golf with a business environment, where executives decide to have interviews or meetings in a more informal and relaxed atmosphere than the office, actually this is a healthy sport for men and women of diverse social level and for people of any age.

Since combining long periods of walking with rapid movement manifestations when making the shot, is a regular and moderate exercise for the legs and the heart. Additionally, it increases the strength of the upper muscles and arms. The brain is benefitted due to the effort of calculating blow force, wind speed, terrain inclination and various different factors to reach the goal in the least number of possible moves.

You should not forget the peace and serenity that is obtained by the spectacular sceneries, abundant wherever you look, composed of soft and dynamic natural landscapes. You can feel safe knowing that any mishap will be quickly addressed by the club professional staff, and besides you will be capable to have friendly and peaceful competitions with other players who are present.

Whether you are a veteran with numerous years of experience, an occasional visitor with a love for nature or a newcomer who is just entering this world, you merely cannot miss the opportunity to play and delight in Alcanada Golf Club in your holidays. It will welcome you with its figuratively “arms widely open”.