Creadror del Campo de golf Alcanada

Robert Trent Jones, Jr. is a noted golf course architect. He is the son of legendary golf course designer Robert Trent Jones and the brother of golf course designer Rees Jones. Born July 24, 1939 in Montclair, New Jersey

Robert Trent Jones, Jr. joined his father's firm, Robert Trent Jones Incorporated. He rose to become vice-president of the company and assumed control of west coast operations in 1962.

In the 1960s, he began designing courses on his own and formed his own company, Robert Trent Jones II.

He has designed or remodeled more than 250 golf courses during his career.

His masterpieces include also the golf course Alcanada, which Trent Jones designed on behalf of owner Hans Peter Porsche in the late 1990s. The course opened in 2003 after three years of construction is now considered one of the best courses in Europe

Jones continues to design courses and currently resides in California and has published a book entitled "Golf Design " designed to help players understand the design of the golf courses.